Social Programme

The social program of LIBER2017 will be comprised by a Conference Dinner at the end of the first day of the main track (Wednesday), a Reception at the second day of this track (Thursday), where the Group Photo of the conference will take place as well, and -at least- an excursion to important cultural heritage monuments of Greece at the end of the conference (Saturday).

Conference Dinner

villa-02The official dinner of LIBER2017 will take place at French’s Villa (Villa tou Gallou), an architectural masterpiece of the Patras area, on Wednesday 5th of July 2017.

The villa is located by the seaside in the small and picturesque village of Monodendri, with a panoramic view to Patras bay, less than 10Km south-west of the city of Patras.

The building is a late 18th century work of Saxon architect Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller (1837-1923), who lived and worked in Greece as a major designer of royal and municipal buildings in Athens, Patras and other Greek cities, for more than 40 years and eventually became a Greek national.

The main building of the villa is surrounded by a 7.000 km2 garden with pine, olive and eucalyptus trees, providing a perfect environment for a relaxing evening with old and new friends and partners.

Transportation from the participants’ hotels to the Villa and back will be arranged by the Local organizing Committee.

Conference delegates are invited to register and to pay for the Conference Dinner as part of Conference registration.


The Reception of LIBER2017 will be held in the premises of the Old Municipal Hospital, on Thursday 6th of July 2017. The Old Hospital is situated at the upper town of Patras, a picturesque district with traditional architecture, important archaeological sites, such as the Roman Amphitheatre (1st century AD), the ancient conservatory and the castle and, also, a great view in the city of Patras and the harbor (see image).

The Old Municipal Hospital was built in 1857 and it started operating in January 1st 1872. It was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen (1813-1891), one of the main representatives of neoclassicism in architecture, who is also famous for emblematic buildings, such as The University of Athens (1839-50), which stands between two other important structures, the Academy of Athens and the National Library of Greece, designed by his brother, Theophil Hansen (1813-1891). Since 1958 it belongs to the state, functioning as an exhibition space and cultural centre.

The space to host the Reception is an inner garden, surrounded by the main building construction, but the delegates will have the opportunity to wander around the Old Hospital premises as well. It is easily accessible on foot, either by the stairs at the end of Agiou Nikolaou street (for the bold and well trained ones!), or by following the road to the Roman Amphitheatre at Palaion Patron Germanou str. and turn at Vasileiou Roufou str.


The Group Photo of the Conference will be taken in front of the building.


The excursion to Ancient Olympia, on Saturday, July 8, will offer the visitor a unique insight into the spirit of Ancient Greece. It is one of the most important sanctuaries of ancient times and one of modern country’s top tourist attractions. It is situated 120 km from Patras, in the beautiful green valley formed by the river Alpheios, in an idyllic surrounding countryside.

Important monuments are the Temples of Zeus and Hera and the Ancient Stadium -where the ancient Olympic games were held- and the Prytaneion, to mention few. The visitors will also have enough time to enjoy the amazing exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, such as the Hermes bearing the infant Dionysus by Praxiteles and The Nike of Paeonius and the two Museums dedicated to the history of the Olympic Games.

After the visit, there will be free time in a nearby village -by the sea- for lunch, coffee and why not a swim.

The bus is scheduled to return to Patras around 18:00 pm.

Conference delegates are invited to register and pay for the Conference Excursion as part of Conference registration.

Other social activities

Several other tours can be arranged at the end of the third day of the main track (Friday), including a guided walk tour in the city centre.

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