LIBER Annual Conference Fund

The LIBER Annual Conference Fund supports participants from specific European countries each year, on the basis of need and taking in to account the location of Annual Conferences. The qualifying countries are decided by the LIBER Executive Board annually at its October meeting. The Fund is normally limited to current LIBER Participant (i.e. member) libraries.

With effect from 2017, the following CEE countries are eligible for the award:

Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

In addition, the following countries where LIBER representation is low are also proposed for inclusion in 2017: Portugal, Malta, Cyprus.

Up to fourteen awards will be made from the Fund for the 2017 Annual Conference. Priority will be given to candidates who have submitted an accepted abstract for a paper or a poster, but candidates who apply without a submission will also be considered. To apply please make a submission to the LIBER call for papers or, alternatively, send an email to outlining why you are applying for the award and your institution/region will benefit from your participation in the Conference.

Please note that candidates who have received an award within the last 3 years will be given a lower priority than those who have not. The closing date for application and submission of abstracts of papers and posters is 12 February 2017. Recipients of the Annual Conference Fund Awards will be notified by 30 March 2017.

Successful participants will receive free Conference registration for the LIBER 2017 Annual Conference, and a grant of €500 towards the cost of attending the Conference (travel, accommodation, etc.). Please note that grant holders should register as LIBER Guests on the Conference website. Please also note that Fund awards will be paid by bank transfer. Candidates will be informed that this is LIBER’s preferred method of payment on notification of their awards, and will be requested to provide bank details to the LIBER Office. At the Annual Conference awardees will be asked to sign on the second day of the Conference at the LIBER Desk as proof of attendance; and once this has been done, LIBER will arrange for the bank transfer to be implemented. In exceptional cases ‘on site’ payment may be offered.

Jeannette Frey
Chair, LIBER Conference Programme Committee
November 2016

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