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Keynote 3 – Kathleen Shearer

Keynote 3 – Kathleen Shearer

Kathleen Shearer has been working in the areas of open access, research data management and digital libraries for many years. Shearer is the Executive Director of COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories), an international association of repository initiatives that was launched in October 2009. COAR is located in Gottingen, Germany and has a membership of over 100 institutions worldwide from 36 countries in 5 continents. COAR has been developing a model for sustainable scholarly communications based on a global network of open access repositories and has also been actively promoting the role of libraries in the future of scholarly communication.

Shearer is also a consultant for several other organizations. She has been a Research Associate with the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) since early 2000. She was instrumental in the launch of the Portage Research Data Management Network in Canada and contributed to the development of the recently released CARL Scholarly Communication Roadmap. She is also a Partnership Consultant with the US-based Association of Research Libraries (ARL), providing expertise to the Association about international activities and scholarly communication. Shearer has also done extensive work for the Canadian federal government and research funding agencies including a project to develop metrics and indicators framework for open science.

Keynote 2 – Julia Reda

Keynote 2 – Julia Reda

Julia Reda was elected to the European Parliament for the Pirate Party in 2014. She is a Vice-Chair of her parliamentary group, the Greens/European Free Alliance. In the European Parliament, she serves as a coordinator for the Greens/EFA in the Committee on Internal Market & Consumer Protection (IMCO), as a member of the Legal Affairs (JURI) and Petition (PETI) Committees and was elected to the Enquiry Committee on the Emissions Scandal (“Dieselgate”). She co-founded the Digital Agenda intergroup. Her legislative focus is on copyright and internet policy issues. In 2015, she was responsible for the Parliament’s evaluation of the Copyright Directive.

Born in Bonn in 1986, Julia Reda was a member of the German Social Democrats for six years before joining the Piratenpartei in 2009 amidst a debate on internet blocking. She served as chairwoman of the party’s youth wing from 2010 to 2012 and is a founder of the Young Pirates of Europe. She holds an M.A. in political science and communications science from Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany.

The global Pirate Party movement was born in 2006. Pirates, who believe in using technology for the empowerment of all, have so far enjoyed significant electoral success in Sweden, Germany, Iceland and the Czech Republic and have raised the visibility of their techno-progressive agenda across Europe.

Keynote 1 – Costas Fotakis

Keynote 1 – Costas Fotakis

Costas Fotakis has been appointed Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation in January 2015. He has been President of FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas), since 2011. He has also served as Director of the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) at FORTH (1997-2013) and he is Professor of Physics at the University of Crete. He has also served as Chairman of the Association of the Presidents of the Research Centers in Greece. Fotakis is the founder of the Laser and Applications Division of FORTH, and since 1990 has been leading the European Laser Facility at FORTH, which is currently part of the EU “LASERLAB-Europe” project, linking 26 major European laser infrastructures.

His research interests are in the fields of laser spectroscopy and photonics; in particular, laser interactions with materials and biomaterials and related biomedical diagnostic and processing applications. He has been chair and co-chair of major international scientific conferences and member of influential EU and national scientific policy panels and expert groups, including the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), the European Advisory Group for Research Potential, the Experts Committee for the Interim Evaluation of the EC 7th Framework Programme (Research Infrastructures), and the National Advisory Board for Research and Technology. He has also served as Chairman of the EU Advisory Group on Research Infrastructures in HORIZON 2020 and he has chaired the Expert Group on the role of Universities and Research Organizations in Smart Specialization Strategies for regional development. He has over 300 publications in refereed scientific journals, and more than 7000 citations, primarily in the field of photonics and its applications. He has been plenary, key note or invited speaker in numerous international scientific conferences and events and has also served on the editorial boards of several international scientific journals.

Distinctions awarded include the 2004 “Leadership Award” of the Optical Society of America (OSA) “…for decade-long leadership of, and personal research contribution to, the field of laser applications to art conservation and leadership in establishing and guiding the scientific excellence of laser science programs…”. He has been Springer Professor at the University of California, Berkeley for 2005-6. He has been elected as a Life Member and Fellow of OSA and has been a Member of the Fellows Committee of the European Optical Society (EOS). Currently, he serves as a member on the Board of Stakeholders of the European Technology Platform “Photonics 21″. In 2010 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Mediterranean University of Marseille.


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